Model Number: DF175-CN
Part #: 511300
Weight: 8.23 lbs.
Cap Capacity: 420 caps/Spool
Nails Capacity: 120 coil nails
  .120 shank  7/8” – 1-3/4” length
Power: 90-120 psi range
Warranty: 1 year, 90 day-limited

DCR175-CN Cap Nailer

  • Standard Roofing Nails: Use any standard roofing coil nail
  • In-Line Design provides balanced tool and consistent drive of fasteners (Patented Design)
  • High Load capacity, 240 caps


For the installation of Synthetic roofing underlayment and roofing felt.
Drives 7/8" to 1-3/4" roofing coil nails with 1" diameter plastic cap.

Patented Design

  • Used with a roofing nail, provide superior seal
  • Protects against tearing and water damage
  • Use less fasteners per square due to greater holding power


  • In-Line design – Increase balanced and control
  • Bump and Sequential fire
  • Nail only fire method ( Button on top of tool to turn off caps)
  • Tool-less adjustable depth of drive adjustment
  • Open spool loading
  • Quick clear nose
  • High Capacity Canister