Part Number: 1013292
Weight: 2 lbs.
Load Capacity: 168 Staples (2 strips)
Fastener Type: 5000 Series
Guage 20
Crown Width: 1/2"
Staple Length: 5/32" - 5/16"



HT-550 Hammer Tacker

HT-550 Classic HEAVY DUTY STAPLER system

  • Industrial Strength
  • Designed for the professional
  • Use Duo-Fast staples for reduced jamming


For the installation of:

  • Roofing Underlayment
  • House Wrap / Vapor Wrap
  • Insulation
  • Tarps


  • Rugged Steel Construction with Chrome Finish:  Resists wear and provides years of reliable use
  • Wide Trip Lever With Smooth Rolled Edge:  Designed to keep from tearing roofing underlayment, insulation, and house wrap
  • Quick Clear Release:  Easily clears jams, no tool required, no loose parts.
  • High Capacity Bottom Load Magazine:  Is easy to laod and increases job site productivity



Optimize Performance with genuine Duo-Fast 5000 series staples

  • 33% more material
  • Galvanized versus zinc-flashed, to provide longer corrosion resistance
  • 1/2" wide crown
  • 20 Gauge