Part Number: 1011916
Weight: 1 lb. 13 oz.
Load Capacity: 84 Staples (1 strips)
Fastener Type: 5000 Series
Guage 20
Crown Width: 1/2"
Staple Length: 1/4"-9/16"



CS-5000 Compression Stapler

Easy squeeze, High impact

Adjustable power feature - controls the firing force needed for the specific job application

Compression stapler system designed for the professional


For the installation of:

  • Insulation
  • Corner Bead
  • Multi-Purpose


  • Rugged Steel Construction:  Reliable in high volume applications
  • Chrome Finish:  Resists wear and tear during use
  • Compact Design:   Easy access for tight work areas
  • Fully Adjustable Power Setting:  Impact pressure can be adjusted to suit the job
  • Rear Loading Magazine: Holds full strip of 20 gauge, 1/2" wide crown fine wire staples
  • Anti-Jam Staple Exit:  No tool required to clear jams


Optimize Performance with genuine Duo-Fast 5000 series staples

  • 33% more material
  • Galvanized versus zinc-flashed, to provide longer corrosion resistance
  • 1/2" wide crown
  • 20 Gauge