Part Number: 1015465
Weight: 2 lbs. 2.Oz
Load Capacity: 200 Staples (2+ strips)
Fastener Type: 5000 Series
Guage 20
Crown Width: 1/2"
Staple Length:

3/16" - 9/16"



5020 DLAF Sure Shot Stapler

  • Industrial strength
  • Pneumatic stapler system designed for the professional
  • Adustable Auto-Fire: Delivers high speed for increased productivity 


For the installation of:

  • Roofing underlayment
  • House wrap
  • Insulation


  • Industrial - Strength:  Durable, rugged design for heavy-duty construction applications and use
  • Reduced Housing Height:  Makes it easier to maneuver in tight spaces
  • Extended Nose:  For precise, positive placement of fasteners in hard-to-reach areas
  • Exhaust Venting: Directs the exhaust away from the user and work area.
  • Cushioned Comfort Grip:  Minimizes fatigue and rpvides better control
  • Single Fire Button:  Hold in when triggering to fire a single shot
  • Auto-Fire Feature:  Controls firing speed-variable speed up to to 1,400 staples per minute
  • High Capacity Bottom Load Magazine:  Is easy to laod and increases job site productivity


Optimize Performance with genuine Duo-Fast 5000 series staples

  • 33% more material
  • Galvanized versus zinc-flashed, to provide longer corrosion resistance
  • 1/2" wide crown
  • 20 Guage