Pro-Talk from Duo-Fast

See Duo-Fast innovation in action.   Real tools in the hands of real contractors.

Cordless Roofing Nailer

Roof repair technician

Duo-Fast's Pro Talk - See the Duo-Fast Cordless Roofing Nailer in the hands of a real roof repair contractor. He'll take you through how he uses the tool in his daily activities.

Punch List work

The Duo-Fast cordless nailer is a perfect tool for punch list, small roofs and finishing off production jobs. With no cords, or compressors, roofing contractors can start your job and finish quick without having to tear down. The cordless nailer is also perfect for the installation of ridge, hip, vents, chimney, cut in work, valley work, skylights, and windows.

Commercial Roofing jobs

The Duo-Fast cordless nailer is perfect for commecial roofing jobs. See the nailer installing gravel stop, cleats and flashing. With no compressors or hoses to set up, you can start your job immediatly, while giving you the corldess freedom to install in awkward places withou the weight and hassle of a hose.


The Duo-Fast cordless nailer a flexible tool for the flexible remodeler. Listen first hand to this remodeler as he lists of the vast array of applications that he uses the cordless roofing nailer on.

Cordless Roofing Nailer - Valley Work

The Duo-Fast cordless nailer is a perfect tool for cut in work and valley repair. With no hammer and need to hold a nail, you get that free hand to pull the shingle tab up. Precision and speed provides you the flexiblity to finish jobs faster.

Underlayment Fastening

Cap Stapler- Installing roofing felt

The Duo-Fast cap stapler will decrease your labor in any felt application. With speed in the tool and limiting your overall fastener use, you will apply any roofing underlayment in a limited time.