Stainless Steel 0-Degree Plastic Collated Siding Nails

The ideal fastener for fiber cement siding, cedar siding, and fencing.   Flexible 0-Degree plastic collation siding nails eliminates wire flagging and stinging debris using every nail and in every coil eliminating waste.  0-Degree plastic collated nails feed in straight, reducing jams.  Stainless steel nails are ideal for cedar siding as well as coastal areas with salt conditions.             

  • 0-Degree Plastic Collated Nails
  • 33% more nails - 300 nails per coil
  • No wire flagging
  • No Stinging debris
  • Less Jamming


PartNo Name Description Size ShankStyle Finish Qty
650390 CS176S 0-Deg. Coil Siding Nail .233 Head Stainless Steel 1-7/8" x .086 Ring Stainless Steel 3,600